Re: DXKeeper QSO Upload Issue

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

TQSL start date is 2021-06-30. End date is 2024-06-29 I just now instructed TQSL to create a backup using "help/backuprestore. Never used that tool before Queried Groups. Found one called "QSLing Online". Joined yesterday. No answer to my "TQSL Paraphrase" question

+ That group is dead, Jim - the last time anyone posted there was 9 months ago.

None of these explains why DXK QSO uploading is asking for a "TQSL Paraphrase" What is that? Where would I find it? It is new to me.

+ DXKeeper directs TQSL to upload your QSOs to LoTW. TQSL is asking for a "passphrase" to unlock your Callsign Certificate, which you evidently protected with a password. Have you successfully submitted QSOs to LoTW since renewing your Callsign Certificate on 2021-06-30 ?


Dave, AA6YQ

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