Re: DXK Logs Wrong Rcv Freq

Dale Drake

Thanks Joe,  I changed JTAlert to log to its own ADIF file and it showed the rcv freq the same so I'm thinking the DXK is fine.  I've been using the older version of JTAlert because I can't get the .NET 5 to run on my PC for some reason which is needed for the latest JTAlert version.  The weird thing is that before July 10th my DXK logs show the rcv freq correctly but I made no changes to JTAlert.  I have WSJT-X settings split set to fake it because my rig and Commander don't react fast enough in split operation set to rig in WSJT-X.  I've always run it that way.  I posted my trouble the the Ham Apps group so maybe I'll get the help I need there.  Thanks again.

Dale AA1QD

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