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Fred, you can get information about your DXCC and Zone status in a graphic from ClubLog. 

You will need to have a free ClubLog account and to submit your logbook to ClubLog and then use DXKeeper to submit new QSO periodically to ClubLog.

ClubLog’s: DXCC Charts, ZONE Charts and QSL Charts (on left side of main screen) will show you your Logbook’s Entity Worked, Entity QSL status from your logbook and you can click the information provided to identity the QSOs for that status. 

ClubLog also has a “Log Matching” function that will compare your log to all the other logs submitted to ClubLog and indicate what [band, Mode] progress you can make if you get a QSO from that displayed QSL.  And, for some operations that participate you can make an Online QSL Request Service—OQRS request via ClubLog.


I find ClubLog to be quite valuable in organizing my own DX Awards.



Dave, w6de



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How can I generate a filtered log page (on which I want to apply additional filters) which lists all QSOs which would work towards an unconfirmed mixed entity (or just for CW or Phone, for that matter).  I want to perform additional filtering to such a list, but don't know how to generate a filtered log that would select NOT for just the individual worked/confirmed for that QSO, but would list all QSOs that would count toward an validation for an award.  I know there are Progress and RAT reports, but most that I have seen produce a text format REPORT (without selecting the individual QSOs that would be eligible for confirmation towards validation).  I don't know how to get to that starting point of my filter for the log.

Say I have validated 320 countries.  I have worked 330 countries.  I would like to filter my log page to show ALL the QSOs that would count towards the needed remaining 10 entitites.

I hope I explained that sufficiently and that there's not a simple answer I should have found myself.  By the way, RTFM is always good, but this is a BIG manual.  Do you know if it is available in printed form?

Dean W8ZF

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