Re: Filtering log by MONTH


How can I generate a filtered log page (on which I want to apply additional filters) which lists all QSOs which would work towards an unconfirmed mixed entity (or just for CW or Phone, for that matter).  I want to perform additional filtering to such a list, but don't know how to generate a filtered log that would select NOT for just the individual worked/confirmed for that QSO, but would list all QSOs that would count toward an validation for an award.  I know there are Progress and RAT reports, but most that I have seen produce a text format REPORT (without selecting the individual QSOs that would be eligible for confirmation towards validation).  I don't know how to get to that starting point of my filter for the log.

Say I have validated 320 countries.  I have worked 330 countries.  I would like to filter my log page to show ALL the QSOs that would count towards the needed remaining 10 entitites.

I hope I explained that sufficiently and that there's not a simple answer I should have found myself.  By the way, RTFM is always good, but this is a BIG manual.  Do you know if it is available in printed form?

Dean W8ZF

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