Re: FT-857D / FM Satellites

Jeffrey griffin

Hi Rafael, from the manual....

SatPC32 updates it's calculations internally once  per second. With previous program versions this speed  couldn't be changed. Beginning with version 12.8a the speed can be increased to the 5- or 10-fold. The change is only temporary, however. So,  the program will always start with the 1-second step.

I read this to mean the program does the Doppler calculations every second or 5x and 10x faster. Or every .2 or .1 second. As your running FM only I would try to make the uplink adjustment as frequent as possible and keep your transmissions short. As your running a half duplex radio the d/l won't update when your in TX.  To really fix this what most people do is run two radio's. You could also use the 857 for the uplink, and an SDR for the downlink. Years ago I was the first to use two FT-817's after Erich added the ability to run two radio's to his software....

73 Jeff kb2m

On 7/8/2021 7:34 PM, pinoleronica wrote:
Thanks for the hint, Jeff.   Actually, increasing the CAT Tuning rate to a larger number on SatPC32 makes the radio to take longer time before it flickers again....quite enough seconds to hear the other station calling you back (I have not tested it live yet). The Speed x 1 is the default.   
Note:  Only working with FM Sats 

Here are my numbers:

400           210

The displayed frequencies on SatPC32 and FT-857D are pretty close...maybe off by a  meager few hertz on the rig 
Rafael / NN3RP

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