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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

In DXView, Config, World Map I have DXAtlas enabled and would like to know how to disable it? I cannot get rid of it by clicking on the bullet.

+ On the Configuration window's "World Map" tab, click the Enable button in the "Built-in Cylindrical Equidistant" panel


Also is there a means by which the Worked/Confirmed can be updated automatically that I might be missing?


+ I don't understand the question; please elaborate.


I love DXAtlas and with 1000 grids worked it helps immensely. I also have three files, one for six meters, one for 2 meters and one for 432. Oh and one for CW Field as well. Any hints?


+ When interoperating with DXAtlas, DXKeeper plots grid squares from QSOs in its Log Page Display - so you should filter the Log Page Display to contain the QSOs whose grids you want plotted; this is step 4 in "Plotting Worked and Confirmed Grid Squares on the DX Atlas World Map", which can be found here:




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