Re: DXKeeper Logging Loop

Joe Subich, W4TV

Make sure the "Secondary UDP Server" in *WSJTX* (File -> Settings
-> Reporting) is *NOT* enabled.

Also, make sure the UDP Transmission port in JTAlert (Settings ->
Manage Settings -> Logging -> Last QSO API) is *NOT* the same as
the "UDP Server Port number" in *WSJT* (File -> Settings ->


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-07-08 1:05 PM, Dave WA7DH wrote:
Using DXLab with WSJTX and JTAlert.  Been working fine for a long time.  Today updated DXKeeper to 16.1.9.  First ft8 contact made put DXKeeper and JTAlert in a loop logging same contact over and over.  Finally killed JTAlert and had to delete 20+ duplicate log entries from DXKeeper.  Using JTAlert 2.50.2, WSJTX 2.3.1, Windows 10 with latest updates and all latest updates in DXLab.
Any suggestions things to check?
Dave WA7DH

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