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Scott Stembaugh

Have you selected 'Use multiple monitors' in each application's Config panel, General tab?


On Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 9:00 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
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I just set up a new pc and transferred DXLabs to the new machine using the online instructions. Everything went well with one issue. My problem is i have two monitors on the new pc and I'm trying to save a workspace on monitor 2. I've gone through all the instructions on how to save a new workspace several times but can't get it to open on monitor 2.
I'm sure I'm missing the obvious but can't figure it out. Anyone using 2 monitors and setting DXLabs on monitor 2?

+ Unless the two monitors on the new machine are configured identically to those of the old machine, windows on the new machine's secondary monitor will not appear in the correct place.

+ To correct this,

1. start the Launcher and one DXLab application whose windows are not appearing where you want them

2, at the bottom of the Launcher's Configuration window, click the Reset button; this will direct that DXLab application to display all of its windows on the primary monitor. 

3. drag the DXLab application's windows to where you want them on the primary and second monitors

4. terminate the DXLab application whose windows placements you configured in step 3

5. start another DXLab application whose windows are not appearing where you want them

6. goto step 2


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