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Dave AA6YQ

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Gentlemen, good evening...I hope you're enjoying the summer days.

I have setup FT-857D for my soon trip to YN.   Commander is working fine together with SatPC32.   I have work a few of the "birds" (FM) already but with some difficulty.  Frequencies are automatically displayed on Command (Down and Uplink), split, mode, sat name, etc..  The radio, however, on RX flickers between the two VFOs almost too fast for me to correctly hear the call signs.  TX is no problem as I get replies back.

If I disable CAT ( - / + )  on SatPC32 then no flickering and can make smooth QSOs.  Then I activate again to catch up with doppler.  So I go in this way through the pass of the FM Sat.   I could make use of memories on the radio and avoid Commander but defeats the logging purpose.

Is there a way to make the flickering less active sort of a few seconds more?  Or is there a better way to do FM sat using FT-857D?

Satellite exhuberant, 

+ When you're using SatPC32, it controls your transceiver, not Commander. While a fellow satellite aficionado here may be able to help you, contacting the developer of SatPC32 may provide a faster resolution.

+ Safe travels to -- and good DX from -- YN!


                Dave, AA6YQ


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