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Dave AA6YQ

You are comparing two different reports.

The " Worked All US States" report from 25-Jun-2021 was generated by clicking the Progress button in the WAS panel on the Main window's "Check Progress" tab. It shows your WAS progress by state, on each band and mode for which you are pursuing WAS. It only considers QSOs whose "myQTH" with a checked WAS box, indicating that the QSO was made from a location that "counts" for WAS. This progress report is described here:

The " Worked All US States Report" report from 02-Sep-2012 was generated by running a script that invokes the US_States progress report, as described here:

If you ran the samat script today, the progress report would be entitled "US States Report". This report does not apply all WAS rules; for example it considers QSOs whether or not the WAS box in their "myQTH" is checked; it is provided for ops not formally pursuing the WAS award.

Here's a 4-line script that will replicate the US_States progress report you generated back in 2012, but corrected to include Alaska and Hawaii, and corrected to count QSOs as confirmed if they have been awarded DXCC credit:

delete <ReportsFolder>us_states_6m_confirmed.txt

filter (DXCCPrefix in ('K','KH6','KL7')) and (band='6m') and (QSL_Rcvd in ('Y','V') or APP_DXKeeper_LoTW_QSL_RCVD in ('Y','V'))

appendreport us_states <ReportsFolder>us_states_6m_confirmed.txt

display <ReportsFolder>us_states_6m_confirmed.txt


Dave, AA6YQ

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Here is what I get.

Further down indicated by &&& is what I used to get.

N8XI Worked All US States Report 25-Jun-2021

Limited to QSOs with "My QTHs" whose WAS box is checked

Log Filter: (DXCCPrefix='k') and (band='6M') and (QSL_Rcvd='y' or APP_DXKeeper_LoTW_QSL_RCVD='y')

State 6M








N8XI Worked All US States Report 02-Sep-2012

Log Filter: (DXCCPrefix='k') and (band='6m') and (QSL_Rcvd='y' or APP_DXKeeper_LoTW_QSL_RCVD='y')

States worked or confirmed: 40

States confirmed: 40

State Callsign Date & Time Band Mode Card LotW


AL N4UC 13-Jun-2010 00:59 6M CW Y Y

AR K5NTT 13-Jun-2010 00:36 6M CW Y R

AZ WA7JTM 23-May-2011 02:02 6M SSB Y

CA K6MYC 12-Jun-2011 00:38 6M SSB Y R

CO KC0RBT 23-May-2011 01:38 6M SSB Y R

CT W3EP 13-Jun-2010 19:28 6M SSB Y


FL K4MM 12-Jun-2010 18:51 6M CW Y Y

GA K8CQ 12-Jun-2010 18:53 6M CW Y


IA KC0CF 23-May-2011 01:23 6M SSB Y


IL K9NS 13-Jun-2011 01:46 6M CW Y Y

IN N9XG 17-Jul-2011 13:25 6M SSB Y R

KS W0BH 13-Jun-2010 21:06 6M CW Y Y


LA AA5AU 12-Jun-2011 12:43 6M SSB Y

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