Re: 6M WASvReport

Rick Arzadon - N8XI


Here is what I get.

Further down indicated by &&& is what I used to get.

N8XI Worked All US States Report 25-Jun-2021

Limited to QSOs with "My QTHs" whose WAS box is checked

Log Filter: (DXCCPrefix='k') and (band='6M') and (QSL_Rcvd='y' or APP_DXKeeper_LoTW_QSL_RCVD='y')

State        6M


AL            C

AR            C

AZ            C

CA            C

CO            C

CT            C

N8XI Worked All US States Report 02-Sep-2012

Log Filter: (DXCCPrefix='k') and (band='6m') and (QSL_Rcvd='y' or APP_DXKeeper_LoTW_QSL_RCVD='y')


States worked or confirmed: 40

States confirmed:           40


   State        Callsign         Date & Time    Band    Mode    Card    LotW


      AL            N4UC   13-Jun-2010 00:59      6M      CW       Y       Y

      AR           K5NTT   13-Jun-2010 00:36      6M      CW       Y       R

      AZ          WA7JTM   23-May-2011 02:02      6M     SSB               Y

      CA           K6MYC   12-Jun-2011 00:38      6M     SSB       Y       R

      CO          KC0RBT   23-May-2011 01:38      6M     SSB       Y       R

      CT            W3EP   13-Jun-2010 19:28      6M     SSB               Y


      FL            K4MM   12-Jun-2010 18:51      6M      CW       Y       Y

      GA            K8CQ   12-Jun-2010 18:53      6M      CW               Y


      IA           KC0CF   23-May-2011 01:23      6M     SSB               Y


      IL            K9NS   13-Jun-2011 01:46      6M      CW       Y       Y

      IN            N9XG   17-Jul-2011 13:25      6M     SSB       Y       R

      KS            W0BH   13-Jun-2010 21:06      6M      CW       Y       Y


      LA           AA5AU   12-Jun-2011 12:43      6M     SSB               Y

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