Re: Removing Duplicate QSOs

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I imported a contest log from N1MM (June VHF) twice by accident. I've read through the instructions at but have already received about half of the contact QSLs via LOTW.

If I go through the process to delete duplicates, will it delete those which haven't been uploaded yet rather than the Q's which have already been uploaded? I would rather go through 250 dupes by hand than inadvertently delete some of the new confirmed grids I worked.

+ If you have 250 QSOs whose CONTEST_ID items specify


that have been submitted to LoTW, and 250 duplicates of those QSO that have not been submitted to LoTW, then

1. Backup your log (Configuration window, Log tab, Backup button

2. select the "right" duplicates by filtering the Log Page Display with


3. delete these "not submitted to LoTW" duplicates en masse by depressing the CTRL key while clicking the Delete button above the Log Page Display


Dave, AA6YQ

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