Re: Spotcollector versus Capture&Commander

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
When i doubleclick a spot entry, most of the time it works normal, setting DXV, Capture, DXK and Commander the normal way. Once and then, it is not: when i doubleclick on an entry, the blinking cursor(I) remains on the place i clicked, middle of the Callsign. It does not return into an arrow, no other App is following.

When i repeat my action, doubleclicking on the same spot entry, often all Apps do follow as they should.

+ Perhaps your action with your mouse is not being interpreted as a "double-click". If SpotCollector's Main window is not activated, left-click in its title bar before you attempt to double-click on a Spot Database Entry; does that make the double-click operation reliable?

 + Also, check your mouse configuration options in Windows, and set the "double-click interval" to one that reliably results in a double-click.


               Dave, AA6YQ


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