Re: Spotcollector versus Capture&Commander

eddy on5jk

Dave i'm sorry, but i feel a little bit leaved behind and/or guilty.

For so many years all Apps of XLab where working fine. That's why i promoted the DXLabsuite to several local OM's.

I did not change any setting. Digital mode application is not used or connected. WW is not started.

When i doubleclick a spot entry, most of the time it works normal, setting DXV, Capture, DXK and Commander the normal way. Once and then, it is not: when i doubleclick on an entry, the blinking cursor(I) remains on the place i clicked, middle of the Callsign. It does not return into an arrow, no other App is following.

When i repeat my action, doubleclicking on the same spot entry, often all Apps do follow as they should.

Sometimes (rare) i have to click for a third time.

Doubleclicking in the first column will always work, but disabels the Autoscrolling.

Is it me? Is it my computer? Is it something else? Remember i am to old for being an ITer.

Can an ErrorLog help me? Of coarse the ErrorLog will show several normal actions, and a missing one sometimes.

If it happens to be my Computer, can somebody help me please? Thanks a lot.

Eddy ON5JK

.9/06/2021 om 11:27 schreef Dave AA6YQ:

+ AA6YQ comments below

Starting 06/06/2021 i noticed a strange fenomena.

I used to D-click on a spotted Callsign, near the middel of the Callsign. Normally the arrow of the mouse changes into a cursor, blinking most left of the spotted Callsign,second Column. Then Capture is populated with all info, and Commander is following as it should do.
Then the cursor stops blinking, and the black arrow in the most left column moves to the latest spot received.

It happens sometime, that after D-clicking on the spotted Callsign, the blinking cursor is not placed left of the Callsign, but stays in the middel of the Callsign, exactly on the place i D-clicked. Capture and Commander are not following. The black arrow in the left most column then stays near the clicked callsign for a very long time.

Strange, but sometimes after minutes, or after selecting another spotted Callsign, and then D-clicking again on the earlier spot, all things went to normal.

+ Whether or not the Capture window is populated from the information in a double-clicked Spot Database Entry depends on the Entry's Mode, whether or not a digital mode application is "connected", and the settings in the "Actions with Digital Mode Application connected" panel on the Configuration window's General tab, as described in


Dave, AA6YQ

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