Re: LoTW Status changes

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

This is NOT a problem, just an "interesting" happening - twice now....

Saved my log last evening, as usual. This morning, went to "sync LoTW QSOs" (and as we know, LoTW was refusing requests for a while this monring). Later in the day noticed my latest QSOs still showing "U" (not unexpected), but then noticed further up my log other entries also were showing "U" - even if already confirmed by LoTW. Ran a query on LoTW_QSL-Sent = "U" and got 1563 QSOs listed, all the way back the beginning of my log. Easy enough to modify, but this is the second time this has happened. No idea HOW I managed to do it, or exactly what gremlin did it. Just an observation, and curious as to why/how....

+ The only ways DXKeeper can set a QSO's "LoTW QSL Sent" item to 'U' are

1. initially logging that QSO when DXKeeper is configured to automatically upload each newly-logged QSO to LoTW

2. directing DXKeeper to upload that already-logged QSO to LotW

3. directing DXKeeper to export that already-logged QSO to an ADIF file when the "Export ADIF for LoTW" option is enabled on the Main window's "Export QSOs" tab

4. using the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab to directly change the QSO's "LoTW QSL Sent" item to 'U'

5. using the "Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers" window's "Modify QSOs" panel to change that QSO's "LoTW QSL Sent" item to 'U'


Dave, AA6YQ

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