Re: wsjt-x+jtalert+DXLab - an incomplete story ..

Dave AA6YQ

@ more AA6YQ comments below

The rule would be "name each radio configuration in WSJT-X to match
> the radio name you specified in Commander".

That is problematic. For example, I have multiple configurations in WSJTX ... in particular, I already have a general HF/6M configuration,
a "hound" configuration, a meteor scatter (MSK144), configuration, a Q65 configuration (6m), an FST4 configuration for 160, and a VHF contest

At the least, it would require some kind of blended configuration to support both transceiver selection and "operating/mode" selection.

@ At minimum, automatically directly WSJT-X to change configurations when a new transceiver is selected in Commander would be controlled by a checkbox for each primary transceiver. Disabling all 4 of those checkboxes would yield the behavior we have today. I don't know how to do better than that when there's not a one-to-one relationship between primary transceivers and WSJT-X Configurations.


Dave, AA6YQ

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