Re: wsjt-x+jtalert+DXLab - an incomplete story ..

Dave AA6YQ

# more AA6YQ comments below

+ WinWarbler provides a multi-radio configuration window that enables you to specify the soundcard to be used with each primary transceiver.
Excellent! But no interaction with WSJT-X (or capability of FT-8) on its own, correct?

# Correct. WSJT-X could employ this technique, if desired.

+ Conceptually, you could configure one instance of WSJT-X to use Commander to control one transceiver, and configure the second instance of WSJT-X to control your second transceiver directly.Whether any of the other plumbing can be made to work with this configuration, I can't say because you'd be outside the DXLab "one primary transceiver at a time" envelope.
I'm quite content to have different workspaces for the two radios and
was headed in that direction when W10 got me sidetracked.

What is the "easy" way to duplicate an existing workspace?

# A Workspace is a folder that contains one file for each DXLab application, so you can simply copy a Workspace using Windows Explorer.

# Note that each of the files contained within a Workspace is a .reg file that contains Windows Registry settings. If in Windows Explorer you click on the entry for a .reg file, the settings stored in that file will be loaded into the Windows Registry - so be careful when working with Workspace folders in Windows Explorer.


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