Re: wsjt-x+jtalert+DXLab - an incomplete story ..

Peter Laws / N5UWY

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 4:26 PM Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

+ If the application you're starting requires command line arguments, you must employ a batch file.

Well ... OK ... but usually when I do something in a way that I think
seems convoluted I end up finding out that I just missed that page in
the docs. Amazed I got it right straight away. :-) Batch files are
fine - thank you!

+ WinWarbler provides a multi-radio configuration window that enables you to specify the soundcard to be used with each primary transceiver.
Excellent! But no interaction with WSJT-X (or capability of FT-8) on
its own, correct?

+ Conceptually, you could configure one instance of WSJT-X to use Commander to control one transceiver, and configure the second instance of WSJT-X to control your second transceiver directly.Whether any of the other plumbing can be made to work with this configuration, I can't say because you'd be outside the DXLab "one primary transceiver at a time" envelope.
I'm quite content to have different workspaces for the two radios and
was headed in that direction when W10 got me sidetracked.

What is the "easy" way to duplicate an existing workspace? I'd like
to duplicate my "full" workspace that I use with my 746 to use with my
910. I have another stripped down "lite" workspace that I use with
the 746 when I don't need (or want) PF, SC, WW, and CwGet, and MMTTY
and ... but just want Commander and DXKeeper and WSJT-X but for the
new workspace, I want to start with everything and then pare back.

Thank you, as always!

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