Re: wsjt-x+jtalert+DXLab - an incomplete story ..

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
The only thing I thought was an anomaly is that I couldn't put <
C:\apps\HamApps\JTAlert\JTAlert.exe /wsjtx > in the "Apps Started
After DXLab Apps" slot directly and had to hide that in a bat file.
That seemed odd but it worked and I never worried about it.

So Q1 is, is that really a thing or can I avoid calling a very short batch file?
+ If the application you're starting requires command line arguments, you must employ a batch file.
Then it gets more complicated. I finally got my break-out-box working
(if not finished) for my IC-910. I can run two radios with Commander
(and have in the past). Occasionally all the pieces stop playing well
with each other but I think that has more to do with the two USB-CI-V
adapters ... and the 2 USB sound devices (and now a 3rd for the 910)
... and the two Morttys (CW, RTTY) ... and the two USB cameras ... and
the USB headset. Occasionally Windows 10 just says "hold my beer

ANYway, where it gets complicated is that the two radios need two
audio paths (a sound device for each) and there is no multi-radio
setup that I can see in WSJT-X that would handle that. WSJT-X works
well with Commander and all the logging works, etc, etc, but sound is
not what Commander does.
+ WinWarbler provides a multi-radio configuration window that enables you to specify the soundcard to be used with each primary transceiver.
So googling around, I see that WSJT-X does support a "--rig-name=xxx"
argument at startup. This will surely let me run two radios with two
configs (though probably not at the same time and that's OK). I
tried that (outside DXLab) and it created the new dirs with the rig
name as part of the directory name. I realized that it had NONE of my
previous WSJT-X set up so renamed the new dir to something else,
changed the name of my existing dirs to include what --rig-name
created, grepped the files and updated paths as needed using the newly
created by --rig-name files as a guide and that part seems to work. I
have yet to do the same for the IC-910, but will at some point.

Unless you all think I will be able to run both radios simultaneously
with WSJT-X running for both (their CI-V channels are separate as are
their audio paths), then I think I will need to create a new Workspace
for 910. Workspaces don't scare me - I have a bunch since I am a club
callsign trustee plus another one for LW/MW/SW DXing.

But I am back to the Launcher problem in that I can't seem to put an
argument to WSJT-X in the after-apps slot just like I couldn't with
JTAlert. I guess Q2 is really the same as Q1!

As for JTAlert, I *do* see the page in the DXLab wiki and am currently
studying that to see what I have missed when it comes to integrating
that part of the system. I think that's independent of what I have
described above.

+ Commander can only control on primary transceiver at a time.

+ Conceptually, you could configure one instance of WSJT-X to use Commander to control one transceiver, and configure the second instance of WSJT-X to control your second transceiver directly.Whether any of the other plumbing can be made to work with this configuration, I can't say because you'd be outside the DXLab "one primary transceiver at a time" envelope.


            Dave, AA6YQ

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