Re: does anyone know to where the New Zealand online callbook was moved?

Nigel ZL2DF

I have been following this up with the NZART Administration Officer.  (NZART is NZ's ARRL)     He points out that your search query is not directed to the Government Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) site but to a NZ ham's site that of ZL3AME.       This site appears to have been inactive since about 2008.      I have not been able to find any contact information for ZL3AME to confirm this

The correct site is 
Search the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) | Radio Spectrum Management New Zealand (

Could you look here and see if you can extract the information you need.      I have also been told that RSM are in the process of changing to a completely new database but when is uncertain.

Nigel  ZL2DF

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