Re: Removing worked callsigns from bandspread

Rick Samoian <ricksamoian@...>

Hi Dave
I have sent U an email directly of the screen I am talking Rick

On 6/13/2021 3:34 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
I have been through the online help and searched the archives for info on this.

How do I set up having DX Lab remove a spot from bandspread after I have worked it? N1MM does it and it is handy.

+ If you work a "needed"  station with whom a QSO would advance your progress from an award you are pursuing, DXKeeper will change its font color to reflect the change in status. 

+ If you have the "Spot Filter" panel set to "Need" on the Bandspread tab of Commander's Configuration window, then the Bandspread panel will only display callsigns that are "needed" for an award you are pursuing; logging a QSO with such a callsign would cause it to disappear fomr the Bandspread window because it's no longer needed.

+ There is no award for working every possible callsign, so there is no way to configure DXLab to stop displaying a callsign in the Bandspread window just because you logged a QSO with it.

+ N1MM is a contesting application; DXLab is a DXing application.



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