Re: Trouble setting up second radio

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
am using dx labs in conjunction with wsjtx and am running an ic7300 and an ic 9700. I had both radios working briefly at one point but was having trouble with my icom remote software. Once I got the remote software to work,
+ Commander does not support access to a remote Icom transceiver via Icom's remote software. It expects to communicate with an Icom transceiver via a physical serial port, or via a virtual serial port created by the tranceiver's device driver.

I have been unable to get the second radio 9700 set up and working.
I have gone through the documentation i could find and searched on here but am having no luck.
Has anyone successfully set up these two radios or two radios and could possibly help me out?

+ Step-by-step instructions for configuring Commander to track and control an IC-9700 are here:

+ Step-by-step instructions for configuring Commander to switch among up to 4 primary transceivers are here:


             Dave, AA6YQ






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