Re: Log vs LoTW mismatch.

Jon Gefaell

Sorry, "ID-10T" is an old joke, I thought certainly you'd encountered it before. It means "IDIOT" ;) Sorry, just some gentle self-deprecation. 

I set the "Permit uploading of QSLs already uploaded to LoTW" and was able to upload that QSO successfully. Then updated the other log, and it made the expected adjustment. Wonderful

There are 6 others that must be corrected. Each time, I find that the option has become unchecked, and I must go back to check it, upload the QSO in question, then repeat for each QSO. It seems setting this option is not 'sticky'?

I suppose this is done to be protective, and I understand completely. I assume that I would need to filter the log display to contain the QSOs I intend to correct, then how would I re-upload those collectively at once?  

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