Re: Log vs LoTW mismatch.

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments belopw.

I threw an ID-10T error.

+ What's an ID-10T error? Which application reported it?

The log I'm managine for another station, I put the wrong station location information in the TQSL settings for the new certificate.

+ The only location information associated with a Callsign Certificate is the callsign's DXCC entity - as shown in this TQSL screenshot:

I have been testing with just a literal handful of QSOs to make sure any PEBKAC issues don't cause a big problem when all QSOs are uploaded, and I'm glad I did.

So, the QSL update from *my* station came back with a mismatch for the county.

+ Is that because your log contains a QSO with the station you're managing?

I changed that in TQSL on the managed station's log, and performed an 'update to LoTW' operation. The updates on both ends said "1 log entry updated". I gave that about 5 minutes, and did the same operation on my station, hoping it would change to the correct county. It has not. I just did it again, 20 minutes later and the grid didn't change to the expected, corrected in TQSL result.

+ If what you did was specify the wrong County in the Station Location used to submit a QSO to LOTW, you must correct that Station Location, and then resubmit the QSO to LoTW with the corrected Station Location.

+ You can determine how long it will likely take for LoTW to process a newly submitted QSO by clicking the "Check LoTW Queue" button on the QSL tab of DXKeeper's Main window with the "QSL Via" panel set to LoTW. At top of the current hour, it was about a minute.


Dave, AA6YQ

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