Log vs LoTW mismatch.

Jon Gefaell

I threw an ID-10T error. The log I'm managine for another station, I put the wrong station location information in the TQSL settings for the new certificate. I have been testing with just a literal handful of QSOs to make sure any PEBKAC issues don't cause a big problem when all QSOs are uploaded, and I'm glad I did.

So, the QSL update from *my* station came back with a mismatch for the county. I changed that in TQSL on the managed station's log, and performed an 'update to LoTW' operation. The updates on both ends said "1 log entry updated". I gave that about 5 minutes, and did the same operation on my station, hoping it would change to the correct county. It has not. I just did it again, 20 minutes later and the grid didn't change to the expected, corrected in TQSL result.

Should I be more patient for LoTW, or am I not doing the right thing?


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