Re: Gemini DX 1200 Linear Remote Software Connection


Bernard, good morning.  I do believe you have limited your connection by not defining the correct subnet range.  Your subnet mask should be  This should match your configuration  of x.x.x.0-255.


Joe K8FC


From: <> On Behalf Of Bernard Wehrli
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2021 05:34
Subject: [DXLab] Gemini DX 1200 Linear Remote Software Connection


I installed a Remote connection between my DX 1200 PA and my Win10 Computer
The Remote SW works in principal, but after a certain time following Error message appears and stops the communikcation: 
"Read Error, Error message 10054 Connection reset by peer."
My configuration is as follow:
I installed an additionale Ethernet connector on my Win10 PC via an 'Ethernet to USB3 Adapter'  ( Startech ASIX AX88179)
I used a crossover Ethernet cable to connect  PC and Gemini DX 1200 PA, and made a private network with an own IT Address Range.
( for the Ethernet Adapter, for the the DX1200 PA, Submask 255-255.0.0)
I tried all kind of settings on th Adapter, the Network Menue on the PA and I also added the Remote SW on the Program list in the Firewall.
But this error message keeps coming after some some time ( can be 10 Seconds to several minutes)
Does somebody have an idea how to solve this problem?
73 de Bernard, HB9ALH

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