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Thanks Dave.  I only use VSPD on the laptop to create a 2nd port.


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+ AA6YQ comment sbelow

Hey folks.  I have a 7610 that works perfectly with DXLab on my desktop.  I am attempting to get a 7300 to work on the same computer.  At present, the 7300 works great on a laptop with DXLab using the main computer's database.  Just have to be careful to have one or another situation, and not both.

The main computer, 7610 uses COM Ports 4 and 5.  Set up 7300 on the laptop to also use COM Ports 4 and 5.  Using VSPD to create virtual COM 5.

+ That won't work. You should not use VSPD or any other "virtual port" software in this scenario.

A. When you connect your IC-7300 to your PC, it's device driver will create a virtual COM port for transceiver control. Configure Commander to consider your IC-7610 and IC-7610 as primary transceivers that you can choose, or configure one to serve as your Primary transceiver and one as your Secondary transceiver. See


           Dave, AA6YQ



Went into Commander and set up for 2 computers.  Parameters for COM Ports are the same for both rigs.

When plugging in 7300 to USB and starting DXLab get nothing - no frequency readout etc.

Is this even possible?  I really don't want to create another set of COM Ports specifically for the 7300 using virtual software.  I believe the ICOM driver software is the same for both rigs.  Please check me on this.  I do have an old CV-17 that is not in use.

Appreciate any suggestions.

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