Re: DXKeeper upgrade, from 15.9.9 to 16.1.5

Gerald Wilson


Have patience.   Despite my initial concern, Dave was able to modify my recently backed up log and has sent in back to me within a few hours.   That's very little downtime, but the benefits of an integrated DXLab Suite of apps including DXKeeper are worth the investment of some time and effort.   

Thank you again, Dave.

        73,     Jerry     K7VIT

PS     I think Dave is sniffing around trying to figure out why so few of us are having a difficulty with this recent change in recording modes.   It doesn't seem to be a problem for most.

On 6/4/2021 23:50, Thomas Kramer wrote:
Jerry, you are lucky, Not only will ver. 16.1.5 not open I can no longer o back to 15.9.9.

Fortunately I have my old Win EQF logger to fall back to.

Tom NQ7R

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