Re: DXKeeper 16.1.5 upgrade then failure to open database

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I upgraded to version 16.1.5 today, and when I started it, I got a window saying it was "EXPANDING QSO MODE FIELD WIDTH TO 12"
Then I got the error message

Existing fields were not successfully updated due to an error noted in the errorlog.txt file; the specified log cannot be opened

In error log.txt, I see

program error 3035 in module DXLogModule.UpdateFields, theState = 105, UpdateFields = 4, SaveUpdateFields = : System resource exceeded.

Any suggestions?
+ Please place your log file (probably N9EP.mdb) in a zip archive, attach the zip archive to an email message, and send the email message to me via

aa6yq (at)


            Dave, AA6YQ

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