Re: DXKeeper upgrade, from 15.9.9 to 16.1.5

Gerald Wilson

My comments below are not entirely correct.   When I open my log, it now complains about the data-width of multiple PSK modes.  This happens with DXKeeper 15.9.9 and my recovered  log which was backed up before I even downloaded the update/upgrade.  Each box must be cleared by clicking "OK."   After that everything seems to be great.

Again, thanks for your patience.

73,    Jerry

On 6/4/2021 04:10, Gerald Wilson wrote:


Regarding my use of the words, "data leak," in Windows 10.   I saw those in previous correspondence and repeated it below.  I am sorry if I propagated an error.

I have rolled back to DXKeeper 15.9.9 and recovered my last backed up log.  Everything seems to be complete and operating properly.

  • Do you want me to send you my DXKeeper 15.9.9 log to you?

  • Or do you want me to try the upgrade again and send you the log and an Error-Log at that time?   That's assuming the error is repeatable.

I believe I have heard you say that DXKeeper can manage logs with hundreds of thousands of QSO's in the database.  I neglected to ask the following:

  • Is there a log size which I should not exceed?

I also believe this is the first time that I have encountered a problem upgrading in my many years of using DXKeeper.  TU AGN.

73,        Jerry    K7VIT

On 6/4/2021 01:17, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Due to time conflicts, I have been behind the curve on DXKeeper updates. 

I was running 15.9.9 and wanted to update to DXKeeper 16.1.5.  I do reboot my PC every day.  DXKeeper was the only app running, although I may have run DXView and Pathfinder earlier during the day's session before closing them both.  

Upon upgrading, I believe I experienced the data leak problem.   My K7VIT.mdb log contains just under 67,000 QSO's while my 3.60 GHz PC running Windows 10 has 32 GB of RAM.   The log wouldn't open and appeared corrupted ... at least it did in my almost panic stricken state.  Drawing on Dave's guidance, I rolled back to DXKeeper 15.9.9.  I also recovered my recently backed up log.   My PC perhaps was still "leaking" data because it wouldn't open the backed up log.   It was late and I needed a break.

Today after a reboot and making absolutely sure that I actually did a roll back to DXKeeper 15.9.9, I retried opening my log.  Whew!   All appears to be good so far in 7-land because my log comes up and it seems to be in tact. 

  • My question is should I attempt to upgrade directly to DXKeeper 16.1.5?
  • Or should I do an interim update such as upgrading to DXKeeper 16.1.0 before upgrading all the way to DXKeeper 16.1.5?

Thank you for your assistance, your patience, and thank you for these wonderful tools which help with our fantastic hobby

+ There is no "data leak" problem. 

+ Versions of DXKeeper from 16.1.0 onward will attempt to expand the capacity of  your log's Mode item from 8 characters to 12 characters, because ADIF recently approved the addition of several new modes with names longer than 8 characters; if I recall correctly, these new modes were defined by the author of FLDigi.

+ The "expand an item's capacity" mechanism in DXKeeper has been used on ~25 separate occasions since DXKeeper was first publicly released. For reasons I cannot yet identify, 10-15 users have reported that DXKeeper cannot upgrade their logs; in each case, Windows objects with an "insufficient system resources" error message. So far, I've been able to upgrade each of these logs by simply opening them with the current version of DXKeeper.  

+ Please place your log file in a zip archive, attach the zip archive to an email message, and send it to me via 

aa6yq (at)


               Dave, AA6YQ


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