Lost communication between wsjt-x and DXLab

Jeff, K6JW

I've suddenly experienced failure of wsjt-x to communicate with DXLab. I am not using JTAlert. All seemed well until logging of FT8 contacts into DXK failed. After this, I lost the colors as set in DXLab from wsjt-x. No settings in either DXLab or wsjt-x have been changed by me and all seem as previously set. No contacts have been lost because wsjt-x is logging correctly into its own internal log. With all settings as far as I can tell unchanged, I'm thinking that I may need to reinstall wsjt-x, Commander, and/or SpotCollector, but I'm hesitant to do any of this without first seeking some input from anyone who may have seen this and managed to resolve it. Of concern is that this occurred following the recent "we-get-no-choice" Win10 update, which probably changed or corrupted something. I have multiple backup images of the computer as well as separate backups of the log, so nothing has been or will be lost but, before taking any drastic action, I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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