Re: Likely leaving DXLab Suite After Changing Computers

Björn SM7IUN

I have moved DXLab several times due to hard drive crashes and motherboard failures. 

I mirrored all my DXLab files on a cloud drive, made sure my workspace 
was properly saved, and was up and running within a few minutes on a 
freshly installed Windows or even a completely new PC.

Björn SM7IUN

Den ons 19 maj 2021 kl 16:23 skrev Peter Laws / N5UWY <plaws0@...>:

On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 9:12 AM Richard Lawn <rjlawn@...> wrote:

> Seems like it would be easier to just start fresh with a new copy, configure your radio(s) setup and move your log over. I'll likely do that or just abandon using DXLab suite of software. Other loggers and multi-purpose applications seem to be much easier in this regard.

Good summary of the "5 pages". I don't recall it being that long, but
it's been a while since the last new PC (3+ years).  I think I'm on my
3rd PC with DXLab ... or is it 4?  XP SP2 for a long time, then W7 for
quite a while and now W10 since I bought this NUC back in '17.
Multiple logs for multiple calls and AFAIK, I have never lost a thing.


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