Likely leaving DXLab Suite After Changing Computers

Richard Lawn <rjlawn@...>

I've been working on transitioning to a new ham shack computer. Not fun but everything now seems to be working, except DXLab Suite which still sits on the old (source) computer. 
I read through the 5 page explanation of relocating DXLab explanations from one PC to another and my eyes glazed over! It's probably me and my aging brain, but this process appears to be very very involved, especially if it takes 5 pages to explain it! I couldn't get past the first section about Commander. 
Seems like it would be easier to just start fresh with a new copy, configure your radio(s) setup and move your log over. I'll likely do that or just abandon using DXLab suite of software. Other loggers and multi-purpose applications seem to be much easier in this regard.

Rick, W2JAZ

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