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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Read Wiki on running both WSJT and Commander. Question is what does running Commander bring to the FT8 party? I can open any DXL Suite, log to DXK via JTAlert, watch Spot Collector, DXView etc without Commander. Does Commander integrate everything pertaining to a logged contact?

Obviously, I run all Suites including Commander running CW, SSB etc.

+ There are two ways that WSJT-X can interoperate with DXLab:

1. using JT-Alert

2. interoperating with DXLab directly

+ See " Getting Started with K1JT modes and DXLab"

+ for a summary of each approach, and pointers to step-by-step instructions

+ Commander plays the same role in both approaches: it enables WSJT-X to control your transceiver while allowing the other DXLab applications to retain access to your transceiver.

+ In the "direct interoperation" approach, SpotCollector directly communicates with WSJT-X, and directs DXKeeper, DXView, Pathfinder, and PropView as appropriate.


Dave AA6YQ

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