Re: WSJT-X & Commander


On 18/05/2021 23:17, Jim Denneny wrote:
Read Wiki on running both WSJT and Commander.  Question is what does running Commander bring to the FT8 party?  I can open any DXL Suite, log to DXK via JTAlert, watch Spot Collector, DXView etc without Commander. Does Commander integrate everything pertaining to a logged contact?

Obviously, I run all Suites including Commander running CW, SSB etc.

Jim K7EG

Commander controls you rig, WSJT-X can use Commander as a proxy rig control server to set the frequency, mode etc. of your rig.

You have things the wrong way, normally Commander integrates your rig with the reset of DX Lab Suite, making sure you log contacts on the right band, allowing to efficiently and quick pounce on spots of stations you need to work, and so on. Once Commander is controlling your rig it has exclusive access to the rig, by offering a proxy rig control mechanism Commander can allow WSJT-X to also control your rig when it needs to.




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