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Hi, I have a question about the dxview window. when I have spot collector active, dxview is constantly putting callsigns in its window. Seems to coincide with spot collectors motions however they only sometimes are the same ones that appear at the bottom of SC screen where a new spot appears. Most of the time I can't tell where they are coming from. When i click on a line in SC , I do get dxview to display the window for a short time before it continues to display many spots. My friends dxview only displays when you select a line in SC, it doesn't constantly keep populating the callsigns. I'm new to dxlab and would like to know if there is a selection in the configurations or is this an anomaly. 

+ In the General panel on the General tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window, uncheck the "Automatic DXView lookup" box.

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