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Dave AA6YQ

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I hope that you are all well and healty. Here all is well.

I ask a question on behalf of a friend of mine, DXLab user as me.

Franco has the habit to periodically print his QSL labels that he doesn't send immediately, so he doesn't update the log immediately after the print, but only when he really send the cards out. For this reason the QSL queue remains populated and already printed labels are simply unchecked. If the next days or weeks he has other labels to print, he adds them to the queue as usual and he repeat the print/uncheck process.

When it's time to really send out the cards (this afternoon for example) he checks again all the QSOs in the queue and clicks "Update log". The hourglass briefly appears, but DXKeeper does nothing and the log is not updated.

I say that I don't know if this problem already occurred to him in the past; anyway, I have found a way to resolve his problem by reprinting all the QSOs in the queue to a pdf file. After this, the log updated successfully and the queue has been emptied as usual.

The question is: is this a normal behaviour or there is something wrong?

I cannot verify my installation because I usually send out cards the same day when I print them, so I immediately update the log and this problem has never occurred to me

+ The "Update Log" function only operates on QSL Queue entries that were printed or saved to a file.


                Dave, AA6YQ


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