Re: TQSL Hangs

Phil Cooper

Hi all,

Dave AA6YQ, Gary AB9M, Bernd KB7AK and Art W2NRA.....

Been seeing these emails from various folk today, and thought I would try some contacts to see what happens.
I also did the required update and reboot for Win10 updates yesterday (a feature update), and when I used DXK to sign and upload some contacts, all went as expected.

I am running Win10Pro 64bit, but I doubt that is making the difference.

Maybe it was just a passing phase, and is now fixed?

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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Subject: [DXLab] TQSL Hangs

Automatic update check or manual intervention to check TQSL status hang and require the process to be "END TASK" via Task Manager, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. No other anomolies in DXLab Suite have been noted.

73 ES DX,

Gary - AB9M

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