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Dave AA6YQ

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An Alternative Solution -
Many of us who had years of paper logs filled before adopting Computer Logging and have had to address this problem of transcription.  There are some who want to transcribe every paper QSO, and others who "cherry picked" those logs to collect Award significant QSO's.  (note - DXCC QSO's prior to ARRL adopting computer DXCC record keeping, the Call and other details were not included in their transcription, and DXCC credit is acknowledged only by the DXCCID number. However entering a Confirmed QSO in your log will then allow DXLab Progress Report for DXCC credit to  track LotW records.  I think this only applies to QSOs before 1982, and the advent of DXCC computer record keeping.) 
I found that direct entry into DXLab was tedious and not flexible, but if you can 'hire' a young student and typist to do the work it can be efficient and is an often suggested solution.

However there are other alternatives and I chose to create an EXCEL spreadsheet for entering basic QSO data and algorithms to convert those data into ADIF format which then could be easily IMPORTED into DXKeeper. 

+ DXKeeper can directly import tab-delimited files exported from a spreadsheet application, so there is no need for conversion to ADIF. See "Importing ADIF and Tab-Delimited Files" in

+ The downside of this technique that a spreadsheet application won't detect and report many data entry errors as you're recording QSOs. Such errors will only be reported when you import the tab-delimited file, often requiring you to revisit the paper log in order to obtain the information required to correct the errors. 


               Dave, AA6YQ

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