Re: Best way to Switch to a new Computer

Chuck, WS1L

Agreed.  I've done it several times.  There are a lot of steps, best to print them out and check them off as completed.  But, it is very thorough and covers every even remote eventuality.

73 de Chuck, WS1L

On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 6:24 PM Jeffrey griffin <kb2mjeff@...> wrote:

Hi Rick. Here’s what I used last summer to do the same thing….


73 Jeff kb2m



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Subject: [DXLab] Best way to Switch to a new Computer


Slowly but surely I'm migrating everything to a new computer. I wonder if someone can suggest the best way to do this with DXLabs Suite. I don't want to reinvent the wheel!

Rick, W2JAZ

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