I am having a blast...

Ryan Trullinger (KC0QNB)

Before I downloaded DXLabs Launcher I was using N3FJP ACL and a remote control program for my IC-7300.
I can still use both, but the spectrum display doesn't work in Commander, probably because of the data rate allowed for "virtual radios" it maxes out at 57,600
The only issue I have is my favorite spotting site VE7CC, doesn't connect WINSOCK error, connection times out. I have ran across this before on some other spot sites, but it works fine on three sites.
That is good enough for now. I like the way the filters work in SpotCollector, I set mine pretty tight with a 20 minute life, certain bands, origins and continents.

As I go I learn new stuff and I should have the capability to record or stream live demos. If that interests anyone.

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