Re: Is anyone using Brother a P-Touch Label Printer for QSO labels?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Thanks for your thoughts. I print my labels using Avery Labels on an HP Phaser 6360 Laser Printer. I can direct my label print jobs to drawer 4 where I have label stock loaded. It works well and the quality is excellent....but there are challenges such as not using a full sheet of labels - then I'm left with an 'orphan' sheet and usually reload it for the next batch....but, I have to track how many labels have been used. I never have jams or issues. I think the laser printed labels should hold up well over time.

Regarding longevity for P-Touch labels - the ones I've printed have held up well over time with no discernable fading. They do make an extra-strength adhesive version for some of their color combos.

So, I don't really see a way to make this work with the current label set-up in DXKeeper as is seems to be predicated upon the pre-defined branded label stock and associated page sizes. I think the P-Touch would be a brilliant label solution.

I could do ADIF exports to a worksheet and import the data into the Brother P-Touch Editor SW which prints directly to the P-Touch printer. In the P-Touch Editor you can define very discrete label templates and so this could work - but that's a lot of work compared to Keeper queuing jobs and sending them directly to the printer on demand...P-touch will even automagically cut your labels in a pre-defined length...I could even imagine using clear labels with black print that would overlay pre-printed fields on a QSL card. I can imagine a lot! The P-Touch printers are relatively cheap...the labels are not inexpensive but the convenience would, for me, make it worth the cost.

+ DXKeeper has long supported single-label printers. I use a Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo, which eliminates the horrific task of having to count the number of labels missing from a label sheet and enter it into DXKeeper before printing the next batch of labels.

+ You can configure DXKeeper to generate a tab-delimited file from the QSL Queue, and use this to drive a label-printing application for a specific printer. Given this capability, extending DXKeeper to support specific label printers beyond what's already supported by its single-label capability would have a very low benefit-to-cost ratio.


Dave, AA6YQ

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