Re: ADI file for SOTA

RIchard Thorne


In DXKeeper, click on the Check Progress tab.

In the lower right hand corner where it says 'Other progress reports' click on SOTA while holding the ctrl key.

This should open up Excel populated with all of your SOTA qso's Save the file and you should be able to upload the file to the SOTA progress website.

There's probably an easier way to do it after the you've pulled and uploaded the report the first time. Every so often I'll bring up the Excel SOTA report and trim off the qso's that I know I've already uploaded, save the file and then upload it to the SOTA progress website.

Rich - N5ZC

On 5/3/2021 12:46 PM, Jim N7US wrote:
How can I create an ADI file including only QSOs that have entries in the SOTA_REF field?
/73,  JimN7US/

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