Re: Rookie user

Ryan Trullinger (KC0QNB)

Yes the firewall and anti-malware were opened up a while back, for now everything works as expected.
I replaced N6WS since that is the one I deleted, thanks for the link!
I am having a blast getting everything working, I even added some user defined buttons for my tuner, preamp and NR, the tuner one is the most important to me.

I watched a video on using Spot Collector, from a couple of years ago. He talked about all of the filter options, lots of stuff to play with. There was a Note button in the filter section that appears to have been replaced with a Tag button, in his demo he put POTA in the text box then clicked the Note button, and the list returned all POTA stations on that band at that moment, it would be nice to get that functionality back.
I have lots to learn so I am bound to be here from time to time. 

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