Re: Filtering SC for special callsigns by mode

Dave AA6YQ

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+ AA6YQ comments below

The current CWops roster has just under 2500 calls, although a few of them are duplicates as some members have more than one call.

+ Thanks. I suspect that's too many for a simple filter like

(MODE='CW') and (CALLSIGN in ('VK9NS', 'OH2BH','P5DX', ....))

+ which you would edit each time you log a QSO with a CWOPs member.

# You could use this SQL expression

((TAGS like '*<cwops>*') and (MODE='CW'))

# if after logging a CW QSO with a cwops station whose callsign is X, you were willing to immediately edit SpotCollector's Special Callsign List entry for X to change its tag from cwops to workedcwops.


         Dave, AA6YQ



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