Re: Serial Port RTS Error upon startup Commander

Dave AA6YQ

@ more AA6YQ comments below

+ Joe, is there a way that Commander can determine that a microHam
> "RTS must be N" interface is involved?

It's not "RTS must be N". It can be anything but typically RTS=Y
will lock the rig in transmit if the user is using RTS for PTT and
RTS=HANDSHAKE will lock up CAT software expecting a response on

All of the microHAM "keyer" interfaces (CW Keyer, DigiKeyer, DigiKeyer
II, microKEYER, microKEYER II, microKEYER III, MK2R+) *require* hardware
PTT in order to perform sound card/mic audio switching and/or provide
(timed) PTT to an amplifier.

If the owner has enabled a "control" port in microHAM USB Device Router
Commander can poll that port (Ports -> SO2R Serial Port) using the
microHAM Control Protocol. The VS; command will identify the device in
the first two characters following the VS in the response. *HOWEVER*
the microHAM Control Protocol is not applicable to USB Interface II,
USB Interface III or DXP.

In addition, polling for a microHAM interface does not resolve the issue
with the hundreds of other CT/NA compatible interfaces (including MFJ!
and some Rigblaster models).

@ Thanks, Joe. Doing something interface-specific doesn't appear feasible.

@ I should have noted that Commander only displays the warning message if

1. the radio is a Kenwood or Yaesu that requires RTS to be asserted

@ and

2. Commander's RTS selector is not set to "On"

@ and

3. Commander doesn't receive CAT data from the Primary CAT port for 5 seconds after the radio is selected as the primary transceiver

@ It's the third requirement that has prevented an avalanche of microHam interface users from complaining about the warning message.

@ Saad, why would your primary transceiver not respond within 5 seconds of being selected?


Dave, AA6YQ

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