Help with backup suggesiton

Phil Cooper

Hi all,


After the recent emails about backups, I am wondering if there is a neat way to simply copy the MDB log file to an external HDD?


On my old Win7 PC, I had a small batch file that I could run from the desktop which use the xcopy function to copy my GU0SUP.MDB file and replace it if it had been updated since the last backup. It also copied a few other files from within DXKeeper, such as bands.txt, modes.txt, and also a copy of my Workspace settings. (Are there any  other files I should back up at the same time?)


Now that I have a nice new Win10 Pro 64 bit machine, I would like to have something simple that could do a similar task. However, I see that MS has deprecated xcopy, and the new option seems to be overly complicated for what is – essentially such a simple thing.

I am not sure I want a scheduled task to do this overnight, as that could potentially clash with one of those unsolicited Windows updates that occur, even when you have stated that you wish to be advise BEFORE initiating the update.


My shack PC is on 24/7, so I currently create a backup after each session on the radio, or when I have sync’d LoTW for example.


Can anyone suggest a simple way of achieving this?


73 de Phil GU0SUP



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