Serial Port RTS Error upon startup Commander

Saad Mahaini

Hi Dave

I have run commander configured for multiple radios

When i launch Commander, i in most cases only have one radio turned on or even none, as i sometimes start the program then  decide what radio to use, etc 

when i don't have the Icom radio (Happens to be the first one of the three in Commander ) even if a different radio i selected from previous session, I get the error message

I learned to check "no", but sometimes if im distracted and not thinking (seems to happen often lately) i select "Yes", then later when i try to use that radio, i go in circles trying to figure out why things are not behaving normal till i eventually end up going into the Config and changing the RTS flag to "X" in my case for things to work again  

My question is why is this error message relevant, and is it even necessary to flag upon start up? In another word why does it even think that it should be on in the first place, since its a parameter that can be configured different ways depends on personal configuration, setup, etc.  Or is it a configuration conflict that is specific to my setup?

73 Saad N5FF

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