One cause of J00aa Gridsquare identified

Norm - KC1BMD

In case anyone imports QSO data from Ham Radio Deluxe logbook:

- I investigated why some QSO's exported from HRD logbook (latest v6.7.0.323) caused the J00aa locator when imported into DXKeeper.
- I found that the ADI file exported from HRD logbook contains Lat/Lon = "00.000" when there is no data for Lat/Lon in QRZ (callbook used).
- My experience was the QRZ xml subscription data but I suppose it could occur with other callbook data sources where there is no Lat/Lon specified.
- I opened a case with HRD and they agreed that the ADI should not export "00.000" and it should be fixed in a future version.

73, Norm/KC1BMD

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