Re: uploading mode Q65 contacts (Lang:EN)

Dave AA6YQ


Up to this point in time, has required QSOs made in "ADIF Submodes" like FT8 and FT4 to be submitted to as Modes, e.g.




despite the fact that their representation in ADIF are





Jay KA9CFD reports that eQSL is rejecting his submission of a QSO made with Q65, and your volunteer F6DKQ respond to his query via email (appended below) by stating that Q65 QSOs must be submitted with


Is this correct? If so, which "ADIF Submodes" must be submitted as Modes, and which must be submitted as Submodes?


Dave, AA6YQ

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The webmaster has already been noticed, I can't tell you more

if you upload qso's as MFSK/Q65, they will be accepted, only the manual entry is impossible

Q65 is not a mode but a submode.



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I have several mode Q65 contacts that I want to upload to eQSL. Please advise when this mode will be accepted. The ADIF committee has approved this mode now. Thanks.(Please do not delete or change this [TRACKID=EQVHU330221D] so we can track our conversation!)(Replying to

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